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“The Neighbor” is on Free Book Promotion Dec. 17.-19.

“The Neighbor” is on free book promotion Dec. 17.-19. This is the first book in the series (of two so far) and a great place to start exploring the drama and the romance happening between a dreamy countryside and the buzz of city life. Don’t miss your chance to download a free e-book. And if you are looking for a Christmas gift, paperback copies are available, too.

The story follows the life of Emma, which is an endless struggle with poverty and her mother’s mental illness. The last thing she needs is a new neighbor, a secretive, much older man, who turns out to be the new owner of the estate, threatening to take away the roof over her head. But then, as her world falls apart, he surprisingly offers a helping hand, and Emma has no choice but to accept, her initial dislike quickly changing to respect and admiration. As they grow closer, and the lines between innocent affection and other, not-so-innocent feelings, blur, Emma is pushed into increasingly deeper dependency. Their friendship soon evolves into something much more intense and devastating, as little by little, secrets and tragedies from their pasts are revealed and come to haunt them. Secrets, which could destroy them or offer them a chance for something that has seemed impossible at first – to finally face each other as equals.

Click HERE to read the free excerpt.

Loosely based on “Jane Eyre”, this age-gap romance is full of unforgettable characters which will leave you wanting more. The next book in the series is “The King of One-Night Stands”, and I am currently working on the third part, with the tentative title “The Plaything”.

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“A-List Love” has a new cover

My book “A-List Love” has a new cover. GetCovers designers proved very efficient and professional for an affordable price. I’ll be putting them on my link list and will use their services again.

“A-List Love” is currently available exclusively on Resurgence Novels, an app for serialized fiction (which you can download here, for Android or iOS). There you can read my latest novel on a pay-per-chapter basis. However, I am planning a release of a paperback, so if you’d like to have a printed copy of this great romance, you can order it from Amazon soon, like the rest of my books.

I hope you like the cover as much as I do. The book is just as great 🙂 A couple of beginning chapters are available to read here for free, so you can see for yourself!

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Website Novelties

I’ve been busy and added some new things to my Website. These include – more free stuff to read and a corner dedicated to my science fiction stories. Also, my links feature some new arrivals too, including the link to “Resurgence Novels” website, where my latest book is available for reading. Take a look and enjoy these mostly free stories and book excerpts. 

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“Hunter’s Fortune” is out and about

My sweet romance novella “Hunter’s Fortune” is finally out there and available for free reading. My idea at first was to write a short story about one of the characters appearing in “Forest Magic”. It was Albert, the rich bank manager, who had harbored secret hopes and desires about Nelly, his former employee. Unfortunately for him, he was too late and had to return empty-handed to his successful but lonely life, because, as we know, Nelly decided to…well, read “Forest Magic” and find out.

Naturally, I couldn’t let it rest and I had to give Albert a chance to find happiness. At the same time, I had a lot of contact with hunting (and hunters) and am currently spending a good portion of my time roaming through the local woods. That’s how I came up with the idea to send Albert on a hunting trip where he would come across an entirely different prey than he had expected to catch.

However, when I started writing I realized that what I had to say would not fit into a short story. Albert and Luisa needed more time to understand each other and discover that the person they are dealing with has much more to offer than they originally thought. There is a bit of “Pride and Prejudice” in this story, which was unavoidable considering how stubborn the protagonists are, and a bit of humor. Overall, I hope I have managed to remain faithful to the original character of Albert and skillfully present his somewhat reluctant acceptance of the fact that deep inside he is a decent person after all.

If you wish to see for yourself, you can access the novella HERE. I’m looking forward to your comments!

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“Forest Magic” – second edition

It’s finally here – freshly edited and with a new cover, my first book “Forest Magic” is available to the audience starting from today. I love this incredibly romantic story taking place in a small village in the middle of the Black Forest. I’ve become enchanted with it all over again while preparing this second edition.

I have some plans regarding promotion and writing a short sequel, so stay tuned for more. In the meantime check out this wonderful tale of past mistake and second chances. You just might become a firm believer in the powers of forest magic.


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“The Neighbor” has a new cover

Newly edited and with a new cover – “The Neighbor” is still the same heart-melting age gap romance telling the story of Samuel and Emma. The cover is adapted to fit the other two books from the series, “The King of One-Night Stands” (coming soon) and “The Plaything” (in the outline stage). It still features the fateful window, but now there is a silhouette of a man in front of it. I rather like it – the dark atmosphere of the cover appropriately reflects the events in the book and it looks great when printed. How about you? Let me know what you think in the comments below.


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The King of One-Night Stands

For all the fans of my book “The Neighbor” here are some good news – I am working on the spin-off of the novel and will be posting new chapters online in regular intervals. The title of the new book is “The King of One-Night Stands” and you can find it under “My Books” or simply by clicking HERE. I can promise you a lot of feelings and life-changing events for all the characters involved. It is a story of Colin, one of my favorite side characters from “The Neighbor”, and takes place during the time period right after its penultimate chapter.


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NaNoWriMo starts TODAY!

NaNoWriMo starts today! A month of crazy writing, trying to reach that magnificent 50.000 words goal by the end of November. I have joined in with my new planned romantic comedy, which, to be honest, I have already started writing. My goal for this month is therefore to FINISH IT. Is it possible? Will I make it? No idea. I am a slug paced writer and often get stuck, but recently have come in contact with a great bunch of creative people, and with their support it just might happen.

Also in planning – another free story for my subscribers. This one will contain full moon, wolves, a lot of water, and some blood, and if you are thinking “werewolf romance” I’ll have to say – wait and see.

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Goodreads Giveaway is finished

The Goodreads Giveaway is officially over. 1130 people requested the book – much more than I could have ever hoped, considering that I am a new author. Congratulations to all the lucky winners. I hope you’ll enjoy my book. To all the others – thank you for showing an interest in my book and for having included it on your reading list.

But this doesn’t have to be the end of our interaction – by subscribing to my newsletter, not only will you receive a free book (“An Angel for a Sinner”, a romance story with a touch of paranormal), but you will also be the first to know about my oncoming releases and promotions, which will give you the chance to get my books at a reduced price or free!

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