Spotlight Corner

Interview with an author: Ingeborg Sem

Izzy is sharing some insider information about her book.

Interview with an author: Charlotte Chaos

Find out interesting facts about Charlotte and her book "Death Defiant."

Interview with an author: Anne T. Thyssen

Meet Anne and her latest book series.

  • Resurgence Novels website with information about their app and everything else you need to know about their efforts to revolutionize serialized writing.

Here are some nice links with advice on how to promote your book:

  • Story Origin: It’s a paid site, but the chance to connect and promote the book to a wider audience is absolutely worth it. Great community too!
  • Written Word Media newsletter features work best if you have a free book you want to promote.
  • This is a very nice YouTube tutorial by Tyler Moore on how to create your own webpage in WordPress. And as we all know, if you want the world to know you exist, your own webpage is a must.
  • Another great place to go for covers is GetCovers – affordable prices and decent design (take a look at the cover for “A-List Love”).