News about my books and other things I wrote.

“The Neighbor” is available on Amazon

I am happy to announce that my new book “The Neighbor” has been published on Amazon as a Kindle e-Book ( This is such a great book! I know, I am the author, so I am not supposed to praise my own book, but I invested a lot of work into putting this story together and I am really satisfied how it turned out. I love all the characters and have suffered and rejoiced with them for the past year. Now it’s your turn, dear readers.

The short story “The Last Wave to Ride” is online.

It’s short, it’s SF and I wrote it after I’d read a book about fundamental forces in our universe. Just a fact that we know so little about gravity, and the idea that the Earth is essentially nothing more than a giant spaceship floating through space, made me think about what would happen if we ended up in a part of the universe where things were not working according to the rules.