About me

I come from a family of avid readers and have been surrounded by books from the earliest age. My mother supplied me with poetry and romances, my father shared with me his collection of SF novels and essays, and one of my first achievements in life was a medal for the highest number of books read in a school year. I practically lived in the school library.

After initial success I had with a book of poetry, it had taken me a while to start writing, and I mean consistently – every day, one and the same story, until it was finished and ready to be shown to other people. I have managed at last, and the books presented here are the result of such process.

I live and work in German countryside. I am surrounded by nature and this is where my inspiration comes from. The characters in my stories are ordinary people and far from perfect, but, as any of us, they too fight for their right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. None of them is a vampire. Yet.

Here are some links to the interviews I have given to various platforms. There you will find more information about my books and my motivation behind writing:

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