“The Neighbor” has a new cover

Newly edited and with a new cover – “The Neighbor” is still the same heart-melting age gap romance telling the story of Samuel and Emma. The cover is adapted to fit the other two books from the series, “The King of One-Night Stands” (coming soon) and “The Plaything” (in the outline stage). It still features the fateful window, but now there is a silhouette of a man in front of it. I rather like it – the dark atmosphere of the cover appropriately reflects the events in the book and it looks great when printed. How about you? Let me know what you think in the comments below.


2 thoughts on ““The Neighbor” has a new cover”

  1. I really like this serial “The Neighbor”. It is not just a love story that you follow with all of you hearth, it is always something extra arround it, that reminds me of a good thriller Hollywood movies. All of the dialogs are written very good, it is like standing in the same room with characters and often some of them are saying the exact words that I would say. I wish that this serial has many parts to follow! I really enjoy reading it!

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