“The Neighbor” is on Free Book Promotion Dec. 17.-19.

“The Neighbor” is on free book promotion Dec. 17.-19. This is the first book in the series (of two so far) and a great place to start exploring the drama and the romance happening between a dreamy countryside and the buzz of city life. Don’t miss your chance to download a free e-book. And if you are looking for a Christmas gift, paperback copies are available, too.

The story follows the life of Emma, which is an endless struggle with poverty and her mother’s mental illness. The last thing she needs is a new neighbor, a secretive, much older man, who turns out to be the new owner of the estate, threatening to take away the roof over her head. But then, as her world falls apart, he surprisingly offers a helping hand, and Emma has no choice but to accept, her initial dislike quickly changing to respect and admiration. As they grow closer, and the lines between innocent affection and other, not-so-innocent feelings, blur, Emma is pushed into increasingly deeper dependency. Their friendship soon evolves into something much more intense and devastating, as little by little, secrets and tragedies from their pasts are revealed and come to haunt them. Secrets, which could destroy them or offer them a chance for something that has seemed impossible at first – to finally face each other as equals.

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Loosely based on “Jane Eyre”, this age-gap romance is full of unforgettable characters which will leave you wanting more. The next book in the series is “The King of One-Night Stands”, and I am currently working on the third part, with the tentative title “The Plaything”.

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