“The King of One-Night Stands” is the second book in “The Neighbor” series, but can be read as a standalone novel.

It follows the exploits of one of my favorite characters from “The Neighbor”, Colin, and takes place during the time period right before the last chapter of “The Neighbor”.

I never intended to write any sequels to “The Neighbor”, to be honest, but I liked some of the characters there so much that I wanted to tell their stories. I wondered what kind of a woman would make Colin change the way he thought about love – and if any woman in her right mind would want to have with him a relationship longer than one night.

In this story, Colin meets his match in the form of a single mom and a village doctor Francisca. Their relationship threatens to be finished before it has even started, but fate has conspired to bring them closer together. And maybe they will find in each other something that will not only numb their pain, but also help heal their wounded souls.