“Starstuck” – The Latest Book by Ingeborg Sem

It is great having you here, Ingeborg Sem. Please tell us what is your book about?

The famous movie star Annie has had the worst night of her life. Trying to move through the crowd of paparazzi, her secret is suddenly revealed. She escapes the frenzy to her apartment building, and without looking, she enters the elevator to her penthouse. There she breaks down only to discover the janitor, of all people, is in the elevator too.

The two come from opposite ends of the world, but they discover that they have more in common than expected when circumstances bring them together. The question is: will the common ground be enough for Annie to learn not to judge anyone by their status? And will Jamal be able to teach this lonely woman what love is?

How did you get the idea for the book?

The idea for “Starstuck” came up when I took a writing class focusing on romance, and I found out I knew too little about the genre. I’ve read mostly fantasy and only read romance in the last few years. While the course went on, I kept thinking of what type of story I wanted to tell when the lecturer said something unrelated to my book. Still, my head somehow latched on, and Starstuck was conceived.

In many ways, this is the most challenging book I’ve written, but I feel the end result is worth it. I love the characters, and exploring their past and present is highly rewarding. I hope you, as a reader, will feel the same.

Where can we read “Starstuck”?

With the new platform for serialized fiction called Resurgence Novels. After you download the app, the first five chapters are free to read and new chapters are uploaded weekly.

Where can we find more of your work?

This is my linktree with links to my books: linktr.ee/ingeborg_sem